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The Game schedule is ready!

The teams are set but remember not all beauties can commit to every game each week due to summer vacations and spending time with their families.

    It's finally here.......

    Da Beauties have hit the ice and the competition is fierce!

    Make sure to join us for another great season!!


    We are proud to partner with these wonderful charities!

    New Team Sponsor

    We would like to thank all of our team sponsors this year for being a huge part of   Da Beauty League.  We would also like to welcome our new team sponsor this year, Jack Links, thank you for joining the team.



    Da Beauty League was established in da Fall of 2015 by local business people in an effort to bring  professional hockey to Minnesota on a year round basis.  Da Beauty League centers itself around bringing fans fast paced professional hockey in a casual, family environment.  For da players, Da Beauty League serves as a training ground for them as they prepare for their upcoming professional seasons.  Da Beauty League provides fans with three fast paced regular season games played out of Braemar Arena in Edina, over da months of July and August.  Fans will experience a relaxed and exciting atmosphere to watch some of da fastest hockey in da world played by da biggest beauties in da game!