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    Da start of Da Beauty League is coming.....

    In less than 3 months, Da Beauties will be on the ice for our 4th season of Da Beauty League! 

    Check out da 2019 schedule!

    Da Beauty League Works With Local Charities


    Da Beauty League centers itself on bringing fast paced professional hockey in a casual environment to all die hard hockey fans. For the players, Da Beauty League serves as a training ground as they prepare for their upcoming professional seasons. Da Beauty League provides fans with 3 fast paced regular season games played out of Braemar Arena spread out over July and August. Fans will experience an exciting atmosphere to watch some of the fastest hockey in the world played by the biggest Beauties in the game.

    John Scott Cup Final

    Da Beauty League Replay: Semi-Finals

    Bic 7 TRIA 5

    Velocity 8 Walser 7

    DaBeautyLeague Da Beauty League DaBeautyLeague