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    We have had many questions about purchasing tickets.  You can only purchase tickets at Braemar Arena the day of the games.  We do not sell the tickets online at all.


    Da Beauty League centers itself on bringing fast paced professional hockey in a casual environment to all die hard hockey fans. For the players, Da Beauty League serves as a training ground as they prepare for their upcoming professional seasons. Da Beauty League provides fans with 3 fast paced regular season games played out of Braemar Arena spread out over July and August. Fans will experience an exciting atmosphere to watch some of the fastest hockey in the world played by the biggest Beauties in the game.

    Da Beauty League Replay Week 5

    Tradition 6 RBC 3

    Velocity 9 Walser 8 (ot)

    Velocity 7 Bic 6

    Tria 8 Tradition 6

    Walser 8 TRIA 6

    RBC 8 Bic 6


    Click on Jerseys

    Bid on your favorite beauties jersey now!  The online auction will be open for bidding throughout the whole season.  The  jersey auction will close on July 24, 2018.



    Happy Bidding!!




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